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Here at Purpose DRV'N, we know that you have suffered more deeply than anyone can imagine or diagnose.  We believe your "New Normal" is when you are finally released from the restraints of your suffering and become focused, calm confident and standing in your true nature once again, not some altered life sentence you must become accustomed to.

Purpose DRV'N is the "brainchild" of Alicia Kali, a Neurobiologist who has studied the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) and brain for over 30 years, and is a former victim of the dreaded "New Normal" whose own Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in 2006 caused her overwhelming suffering for five years, and resulted in three years of overt homelessness.

Facing a long list of social workers and non-profits with little to no helpful knowledge, and never any tangible resources, Kali struggled to comprehend what was to become of her future, the fullness of her brain limitations, destruction of her health, onset of seizures, anger fits, light sensitivity, odd rashes, vision issues, short term memory problems that left her unable to learn new things, and numerous other symptoms.  Living a life of overt poverty, she, like 70% of brain injury victims, Kali had been disowned by all who knew her, with an infuriating "New Normal" struggling to fully comprehend what had happened to her. 

Then she met a physician and professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation, who was curious enough to ask many questions.  And as a result of his compassion, listening and encouragement to use her own work, Kali changed the trajectory of her life.  While still living in low income housing, Kali was faced with the ultimate decision whether or not to help others, afterall, she still had a major physical disability to contend with and would risk losing a place to live if she stood to help others.  She also knew she would face an incredible amount of skepticism and backlash, but felt it a call from God and decided to move forward.  For years Kali stayed on the high road of ethics, weathering storms you cannot imagine, no income, helping others, living in overt poverty of Section 8 housing.  Will Smith once noted her life as being like five of his movies.  The rollcoaster of the investors who never believed her, the jealous, the foolish, the arrogant, the thieves, the NFL PA demanding she hand over her work in 2017, and the personally insulting words of Roger Goodell. And of course the years of death threats from the fakes, the frauds and the phonies.    

What kept Kali focused, and in her joy, was being able to help others, who like herself, had lost it all - even their brain.  Each one, having their big moment of tears of gratitude and revelation at two weeks.  She shared tears of triumph with each of them as they realized that it was working and they were on a path to regain their lives.  Along the way Kali created a Head Trauma Self Assessment (HTSA) to accurately measure outcomes she saw as unbelievable.  Eventually identifying her method of dissipating the toxic tau proteins that create CTE, creating a clinical and self assessment for the entire sympathetic nervous system and brain, testing methods to test for biomarkers of physical trauma to the head, a testing method to measure biochemical recovery of physical trauma to the head as well as emotional trauma, and has been hailed as best in the world in the sympathetic nervous system and brain as well as head trauma by too many doctors and scientists to count.

In 2018, Kali was nervously thrilled to finally be recognized for her contribution to others with a Silver Stevie Woman of the Year Award.  In 2019 Kali was nominated for the most prestigious award in medicine and a handful of other awards.  Please see our Awards section for details.



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